Chillers applications--What kind of industries chillers applied ?

Chillers applications--What kind of industries chillers applied ?

  • 2021-01-11

Water chilling and cooling is needed in almost all areas of industry. Yun chillers are particularly suitable for the textile, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, beverages, engineering, glass, laser and electronics industries in the following applications:

To improve the quality of the nished item and increase productivity:

Product cooling: plastic, rubber, aluminum, steel & similar materials, foodstuffs, paints, gases.

To increase safety and control:

Process cooling: air, combustion fumes, solvents, contact surfaces, work surfaces.

To prevent overheating, wear and loss of production and increase operator safety:Machine cooling: direct or indirect (cooling oil temperature control).

Ambient cooling: cold rooms, air conditioning, electrical panels, cooling tunnels.

Drying (in combination with after coolers) of: compressed air, technical and biogases, control air,

Chemical/pharmaceutical products, paints.

Other applications: temperature control of baths, ovens, chemical reactors, special applications.

Detailed equipments applicated:

Printing Systems

Coating Systems

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Plastics Processing

Thermoform Machines

Injection Moulding


Plasma Coating

Medical Imaging

Food & Beverage Industry

Bottling systems

Wine production

Dairy products

Cutting tools

Numerical control machines


Welding machines

Cooling hydraulic oil

Metal plating


Compressed Air Treatment

Technical gas-cooling

Laser technology

UV systems

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