Electronic control system installation technology in refrigeration industry

Electronic control system installation technology in refrigeration industry

  • 2020-12-07

1. Each contact marks the line number for maintenance.

2. Produce an electric control box in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, and connect the electricity to do the no-load test.

3. Name each contactor.

4. Fix the wires of each electrical component with tie wires.

5. electrical contact pressure wire connector, motor main line connector, the application line card is tight, if necessary, hang tin.

6. The connecting lines of each equipment should be laid and fixed with clamps. When connecting PVC pipes, glue them with glue, and the nozzles should be wrapped with tape.

7. The distribution box is installed horizontally and horizontally, and the ambient lighting is good. The inside of the house is dry and easy to observe and operate.

8. The area occupied by the wire in the wire pipe shall not exceed 50%.

9. The selection of the wire must have a safety factor. When the unit is running or defrosting, the temperature of the wire should not exceed 40 degrees.

10. The circuit system must be 5-wire system, there is no ground wire to install the ground wire.

11. The electric wire should not be exposed to the open air, so as to avoid the phenomenon of short-term leakage and electric leakage caused by long-term sun-bathing.

12. After the whole system is welded, the air tightness test is carried out, and the high pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.8MP. The low pressure side is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. Leakage was carried out with soapy water during the filling, and the welds, flanges and valves were carefully inspected. After the leak was completed, the pressure was maintained for 24 hours without pressure drop.

13 The line pipe installation should be beautiful and firm.

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