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  • Industrial water chiller for Injection molding process
    • 2020-06-02

    The application field of the water chiller is quite wide. Today, We discuss some points that the water chiller should master in the injection industry. It mainly provides several methods of water chil...

  • How the chiller works
    • 2020-07-06

    The principle of the water chiller works: According to the principle of the refrigeration system, the heat exchange evaporator of low temperature and low pressure in the evaporator absorbs the heat of...

  • How to choose a condenser
    • 2020-10-28

    The condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the cold storage refrigeration system, and its function is to cool and condense the high temperature refrigerant superheated steam discharge...

  • How to check the air tightness of the refrigeration system
    • 2020-11-12

    The refrigerants currently used (especially Freon-type refrigerants) have a strong permeability, and therefore, the refrigeration system is required to have good air-tightness. After the completion of...

  • Refrigeration System Fluoride Debugging Technology
    • 2020-12-07

    1. Measure the power supply voltage. 2. Measure the resistance of the three windings of the compressor and the insulation of the motor. 3. Check the opening and closing of each valve of the refrigerat...

  • Refrigeration Pipe Installation Technology
    • 2020-12-15

    1. The selection of the diameter of the copper pipe should be in accordance with the pipe diameter of the compressor suction and exhaust valve. When the condenser is separated from the compressor by m...

  • Assembly and installation technology of refrigeration unit
    • 2020-12-15

    1. The oil separator should be installed in the semi-sealed or fully-closed compressor, and an appropriate amount of oil should be added to the oil. When the evaporation temperature is lower than -15 ...

  • Pre-installation material preparation of cold storage
    • 2020-12-28

    1. Cold storage equipment materials should be equipped according to cold storage engineering design and construction materials, cold storage board, warehouse door, refrigeration unit, refrigeration ev...

  • Chiller installation technology
    • 2020-12-28

    1. When selecting the position of the lifting point, first consider the best position of the air circulation, and secondly consider the direction of the structure of the storage body. 2. The gap betwe...

  • Chillers applications--What kind of industries chillers applied ?
    • 2021-01-11

    Water chilling and cooling is needed in almost all areas of industry. Yun chillers are particularly suitable for the textile, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, beverages, engineering, glass, ...

  • Don't force chiller keep running once it has alarm!
    • 2021-01-11

    The chiller control system has kinds of protetion and relevant alarm to remind user or techician Stop chiller & Check the problem. But mostly they ignore the alarms, only reset the alarm and conti...

  • Bad frozen oil ruined a compressor
    • 2021-01-18

    1. Viscosity of frozen oil: The frozen oil has a certain viscosity to keep the friction surface of the moving parts in good lubrication state, so that it can take parts of heat from the compressor and...

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