Noise level and processing methods of of air cooled chiller

Noise level and processing methods of of air cooled chiller

  • 2021-05-18

Noise annoys people. Continuous noise pollutes the environment. The reasons for the noise produced by the chiller fan can be described as follows:

1.Blade rotation will cause friction with air, or impact. The frequency of the noise is composed of a number of frequencies which are related to the speed of the fan.

Suggestion: When axial flow fan is equipped with moving wing and static wing, it is better to have different number of blades, so as not to cause more noise resonance.

2.The blades also make noise when they swirl. During the operation of the fan, the back of its moving wing will produce eddy current, which will not only reduce the efficiency of the fan, but also produce noise.

Suggestion: To reduce this phenomenon, blade installation Angle should not be too large, and fan blade bending should be smooth.

3.The air duct resonates with the fan shell then make noise.

Suggestion:The seam of inner surface of air duct and fan shell should be smooth. Avoid rough and uneven, causing tearing sound. It is sometimes possible to cover the air duct with sound-proof material to reduce the noise.

In addition to the fixed noise of the fan itself, there are many sources of noise. Such as: bearings due to insufficient precision, improper assembly or poor maintenance will cause abnormal noise. Motor parts also produce noise, some of which are the result of poor design or poor manufacturing controls, sometimes it’s the internal and external cooling fans of the motor.

Our chiller use low noise and big volume air blower, the errors rate of our chillers is only 1/1000~3/1000. Also air cooled industrial chiller adopted aluminum fin/copper tube type condenser, easy for cleaning and installation.

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