Refrigeration System Fluoride Debugging Technology

Refrigeration System Fluoride Debugging Technology

  • 2020-12-07

1. Measure the power supply voltage.

2. Measure the resistance of the three windings of the compressor and the insulation of the motor.

3. Check the opening and closing of each valve of the refrigeration system.

4. After evacuating, inject the refrigerant into the liquid storage to 70%-80% of the standard filling amount, and then run the compressor from low pressure to sufficient amount.

5. After starting the machine, first listen to whether the sound of the compressor is normal, whether the condenser or the cooling fan is running normally, and whether the three-phase current of the compressor is stable.

6. After normal cooling, check all parts of the refrigeration system, exhaust pressure, suction pressure, exhaust temperature, suction temperature, motor temperature, crankcase temperature, temperature before expansion valve, observe frosting of evaporator and expansion valve, Observe the oil level and color change of the oil mirror, and whether the sound of the equipment is abnormal.

7. Set the temperature parameter and the expansion valve opening degree according to the frosting and usage of the cold storage.

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