Selection on the importance of energy saving chillers

  • 2021-02-22

Speaking water chiller energy saving, here we have to mention those places water chiller energy impact.

The first is certainly the chiller configuration causes the energy efficiency chiller: Chiller configuration requires reasonable to pay attention to the following aspects need to choose the right compressor chiller such as the American brands such as Copeland compressor, then even if you have configured a very good compressor not configured the same evaporator and condenser are equal to zero, the selected compressor model, we need to select the evaporator and condenser heat exchange, of course, we are talking about the heat not to say that the length of copper pipe, you do not drink at long brass plate for heat transfer area ratio, water chiller energy skill lies not reasonable allocation between the compressor and condenser evaporator parameters.

In addition to re-configure the scroll chiller energy on impact, but in model selection is also has a great influence on the energy efficiency of chillers, chiller selection we are all very reasonable formula, the formula is the theoretical value of course, we must see chillers use of the environment and other factors, to the actual situation on the chiller selection. For example, you need to 10HP Chiller you just picked an 8HP watching power is small, but because the chiller to engage in long-term work load, but much less energy for chiller life is also affected. Of course, you should use chiller 10HP 20HP such use is not energy efficient, we chiller selection according to the situation right time to configure the chiller slightly bigger, so chiller life becomes longer, there is water chiller can be real energy, cooling speed will be much faster, and so many advantages.

It would appear that selection on the chiller energy efficiency is also an important parameter.

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