Waters chillers for the food & beverage processing

  • 2020-07-03

Chiller used for brewery, winery, cider, distillery, Kombucha and other fermented craft processing

Specialize in designing and manufacturing chiller for food and beverage process, especially for liquid yeast cooling and product tank cooling, including brewery, winery, juices, cidery, distillery, Kombucha and other fermented craft processing.

Our water chillers are used as a chilling system in the food & beverage industry to remove the heat gained from the process during mixing, cooking, fermentation or after pasteurizing the product. Of course these water chillers are also can be used for many other applications. If you have any question on cooling during your food & beverage processing, Pls feel free to contact us.

These food & beverage chillers can be custom built according to detailed cooling requirements, to remove heat  and keep constant temperature you need during  your food & beverage processing. And there are various models with different cooling capacity to meet your different cooling demand.

How is food & beverage chiller normally used in different food processing?

Craft beer brewery – wort cooling, control of fermentation temperature, cooling vessels/tun, pre-packaging cooling, cooling of storage

Wineries – cooling of fermentation process, room cooling etc.

Cider – fermentation temperature control, chilling of juice, storage cooling etc.

Distillery – cooling of fermentation process, distillation Tanks & stills etc.

Kombucha – control of fermentation temperatures, chilling after fermentation, storage cooling etc.

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