What effect does refrigerant purity have on the system?

  • 2020-10-28

Impact of refrigerant purity on the Refrigeration equipment system

The refrigerant is the blood of the compressor. The purity of the refrigerant is especially important for the cold storage refrigeration equipment. The most obvious phenomenon is: the cold storage filled with high-purity refrigerant, the cooling effect is obvious, the temperature drop is fast, and the cooling capacity is Large; low-purity refrigerants not only fail to reach the desired drop temperature, but also damage the compressor. So what are the negative effects of low refrigerant purity?

1. High water content and high acidity, which seriously corrode the internal piping system of the compressor, causing the internal compressor to block and shorten the service life of the compressor.

2, easy to leak, no refrigeration in the refrigeration system, the compressor has been idling, high operating temperature, large wear parts, will also shorten the life of the compressor.

3. Increase the operating load of the compressor, increase the consumption of electric energy, and increase expenses.

4. Some inferior refrigerants are even doped with many flammable and explosive gases, which seriously affect people's lives and property.

5, the cooling effect is poor, the problem is frequent, although the addition of inferior refrigerant will temporarily feel the cool, but the temperature is always difficult to fall, not the expected cooling effect.

6. Freon in the refrigerant will destroy the ozone layer once it leaks, causing great harm to the atmosphere on which humans depend.

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